Paul & Thom | Commercial

To impress your friends in the kitchen no longer needs to take 2 hours of your valuable time. With the help from Paul & Thom, and I mean – Paul AND Thom it will go so much faster.

With some real nice and soft Cooke optics, dreamy ambient light and all out bananas grading we tried to paint the picture of Paul and Thom being her imaginary extra hands in her kitchen. Also with a super cheesy punchline, but lets not talk about that. In a hurry she prepares a luxury tapas dinner for her closest friends. Have a look and see how it turned out!

Creative Director – Tiago Oliveira

Director of Photography – Saku Rantamaula

Gaffer – Daniel Pettersson

Project Manager – Nico Ruponen

Production Assistant – Carolina Cyrén

Make Up Artist – Vilma Rantamaula

Coffee Brewer – Tom Stigson